Wednesday, August 22, 2012

$2.2 million dollar Sesto Elemento comes to Lamborghini Newport Beach!

The Sesto Elemento is a one of a kind vehicle, offering extreme performance and a light weight body it can go from 0-60 in just under 2.4 seconds. With our grand opening the night of the Sesto arrival, we prepared the car, drove it into the showroom and we were ready to unveil the car to our customers. Please enjoy these next few photos of the one of a kind Lamborghini. 

The Sesto Elemento sat very low to the ground, making it difficult to pull off of the truck and into the showroom at an incline. Boards were used repetitively so the front bumper would not scrape or crack on the ground. A very skilled Lamborghini representative carefully drove the car down and inside.

Finally onto the ground, a deep breath was taken and we we're half way done. 

In order to get the car positioned properly, we had to back the car into the showroom. 

With centimeters to spare, the car barely made it up our ramp.

The body lines are very aggressive, making the car look very sinister and mean!

Finally, after getting the car into the showroom we were ready to pull it onto the display stand. As you can see, the wheels are insanely cambered.

Definitely something you do not see every day.

Slowly making it up the ramp, with precise control.

The entire Lamborghini Newport Beach crew, including salesman, shop mechanics, service manager and many others couldn't help but to enjoy being in front of this machine. The sound was just incredible, something that you only could dream of hearing in person.

Once the car was set, we were ready for the night to begin. We thank you for viewing our photos and we will be posting the photos from our grand opening shortly... including video of the Sesto Elemento being unloaded and loaded.  

Stay tuned.


  1. Very nice car, but realistically its not for street use. I imagine there is no ride height control?

  2. who cares its a work of art and should be treated that way, until it hits a track and you stand on the loud pedal all the way to the floor :)

  3. A speed bump/pothole would ruin the under carriage its so damn low!

  4. those exhausts are insane.

  5. Not for the real world's roads.

  6. 2.2 million and no AC or radio. Love it! You could bungee your iPod to that bar that is the 'dash' on this beast. lol


  7. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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  8. I think if you were to add an would slow it down big time!!! To much weight brah!

  9. Just my luck I pay $2.2MM, pull out in traffic and get stuck behind some asshole in a Prius!!

  10. What are it's three main advantages against all other models ?

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