Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lamborghini Newport Beach Grand Opening Party!

Lamborghini Newport Beach is extremely proud to announce that the time has finally come for our grand opening party! After being in our new building for just over a month, we were ready to finally have our welcoming party to all of our customers and guests. Please sit back, and enjoy the next 100 photos from the night! To save any photos, just click the photo and it will open in a new window, and right click - save as.

Guests arriving at the showroom in their Lamborghinis.

Almost every model of Lamborghini had shown up to the party all the way from first generation Gallardos, brand new Aventadors to the Diablo.

By 7:30, our parking lot was almost full of colorful Lamborghinis!

 For every new dealership that is opened, a gift is handed to the dealership owner during the speech, which is signed by Stephan Winkelmann, President CEO of Automobili Lamborghini as a congratulation gift. We were pulled aside at the beginning of the night with Lamborghini Newport Beach General Manager, Pietro Frigerio and Stephan himself into a separate room to catch this very special moment.

Some of our guests getting their photos taken in front of the step and repeat, to save any photos just right click and press save as!

The crowd was flowing, more and more guests started to arrive and it was a mad house! Everybody was so excited to go inside and start the party.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary with Lamborghini, let's start the night!

2.2 Million dollar surprise waiting to be unveiled later in the night...

Drinks, light appetizers and conversions began.

Lamborghini representatives conversing.

Brighting Truax, Stephan Winkelmann and Mike Pedace sharing stories with laughter.

Guests viewing the LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale.

Sebastian Babrah, Lamborghini Newport Beach employee speaking with his customers about the Lamborghini brand.

An extremely unique video game racing simulator was on display at our party, offering our guests a chance to race around any track they requested in almost any race car you could imagine. A unique twist on our party features. It was definitely a highlight of the party!

The brand new, Matte Brown Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4! 

Guests enjoying themselves talking about the vehicle and experiencing it up close and personal. 

As the sun started to go down and more of our customers arrived, the showroom began to really get exciting. With hundreds of people conversing, sharing stories and gawking at the cars, it was nothing but smiles all night! 

Our supporters with Stephan Winkelmann, the most request photo of the night!

Compared to other parties, you would figure that the rule of the night was to not touch or get into the vehicles. With us, we wanted our customers to feel, touch and sit in every vehicle possible. One of our guests enjoying the driver seat of the Aventador!

Around 8:00pm, we were all called over to the podium for the speech from Bill Story (owner of Lamborghini Newport Beach) and Stephan Winkelmann. As you can see below, Bill Story starts the speech off by getting our attention and thanking us for joining him.

The Lamborghini girls getting ready to unveil the surprise. 

Bill and Stephan preparing to show the concept vehicle. 

The 2.2 million dollar, concept design Sesto Elemento! This vehicle is a very special 1 of 1 made entire of carbon fiber. To see the vehicle being delivered to us, you can click this link.

The special gift, signed by Stephan Winkelmann was brought out during the speech and handed to Bill Story to congratulate him on opening the #1 Lamborghini Dealership in the USA.

Daniel Carmolinga, finance manager of Lamborghini Newport Beach enjoying his night!

Allan Fiedler and his wife are both vivid Lamborghini fans and have owned numerous Lamborghinis in their lifetime. We thank them for coming out to visit us and to our grand opening party!

Jason Waters, employee of Astor & Black custom clothiers has been a huge supporter of Lamborghini Newport Beach for a very long time. He has been a great friend to many of us and we appreciate him coming out to pay us a visit. If you're in need of a custom suit, custom shirt or even a good friend, you can find Jason by clicking below.

Brighton Truax, Lamborghini Newport Beach salesman and his wife!

Kimberly Hotchkins enjoying the new Sesto Elemento, nothing but smiles!

Everybody couldn't wait to have their turn in the drivers seat of the racing simulator, every once in awhile you could hear the sound of a motor revving high between songs in the showroom. It was good to see everybody having such a great time!

Drinks anybody? 

A fantastic group shot from left to right, Grant Johnson (service manager of Lamborghini Newport Beach), Bill Story, Renè Sueltzner, Stephan Winkelmann and Pietro Frigerio all together.

Gavin Gotfreid, Photographer from Ferrari Newport beach conversing about the night!

A very special guest, Tanner Foust from Top Gear U.S.A. joined us for the night, we wanted to thank him personally for coming out and posting some photos on his Facebook from the party. Tanner is an extremely down to earth guy and a very talented driver! 

Tanner getting the run down about the Sesto Elemento.

Sebastian Babrah, (Lamborghini sales) and his wife.

Tanner Foust and Jason Thorgalsen conversing.

Lamborghini models posing for our camera in front of the all new LP700!

These two always know how to have a fun time!

As the night started to settle down, everybody started to say their goodbyes and take their final photos. Pictured below, Dealer Principle Donny Gath, his co-workers and friends all pose for a final picture of the night!

Tanner Foust getting his last few photos of the Sesto Elemento!

Nick Jones & Sebastian Babrah, both fantastic salesmen for Lamborghini getting their photo taken in front of the 2.2 million dollar concept Lamborghini. 

The night was a success! Our showroom was packed full of people, our parking lot was loaded with every Lamborghini you could imagine and we had nothing but great feedback from this party. 

At the end of the party, the Sesto Elemento was ready to head back to Italy. A few of our guests stayed to hear the roar of the v10 concept car. 

The final goodbye to the car! Getting loaded into the truck...

We wanted to thank every single one of our guests for taking the time to join us for the grand opening of Lamborghini Newport Beach. We invite you to visit us any time during the week or Saturday to view some of our inventory. We are the number one Lamborghini dealership in the USA and we are more than happy to have you in our showroom. If you have any questions about the photos or in general, please email (Internet Marketing and Photographer). We will have much more to come for 2012 and we wish you all the best!

Please feel free to call us today as well at 888 564 5020 or visit our website at to view our latest inventory.

Thank you all SO much and we look forward to seeing you all again!


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