Monday, January 16, 2012

Cars & Coffee 1-14-12 :: Picture overload! ::


We decided that instead of bringing one or two cars, we brought 4! We all arrived at the dealership after waking up around 5:00am, but once we warmed up the engines we took off into the early sunrise.

We brought a black McLaren MP4-12C, green LP550-2, white LP560 coupe and a supercharged LP560 Spyder from VF Engineering!

 Plenty of photographers shooting around, including myself!

I was shooting photos all around the parking lot when a friend ran up to me, he had told me about 20 BMW 1M's pulled into the parking lot all together. I didn't understand him at first, but then once I walked to the front, my heart started to race. 

Some white, some orange...

One of my favorite cars there, super clean yet a great daily driver. (Photographers Pick)

We literally had hundreds of people asking us questions all day long about the McLaren. Nick Jones definitely managed to handle the crowd with ease answering question after question. 

Some of my other favorite cars. 

We wanted to get a few people together for a big breakfast at Crystal Cove, so we gathered a few troops together and headed towards Newport Beach! Nick and I lead the pack in the MP4.

Keep up!!!!!

Arguing about who is faster... :)

You'll notice something unique every time you sit down in a McLaren, from the air vents to the concave steering wheel.

Plenty of other exotics managed to show up as well, this is a hot spot for exotics after Cars & Coffee. Breakfast on the water, what more can you ask for? Oh well yeah, some more exotics I guess.

Sebi loving the LP550! 

After a full stomach, it was time to head back to the office to sell more cars!

Some BMW guys followed us back to the dealership for a little tour.

And onto the rolling shots, enjoy!!

What a unique combo of cars.

And drum roll please....

Best shot of the day! Photographers PICK!

We were going to breakfast and I was riding shotgun in a McLaren, Pietro was driving the Supercharged Yellow LP560 Spyder and we hit a certain area where the lighting was PERFECT and the backgrounds were stunning. I grabbed my camera from the floor of the Mp4, opened my window as fast as I could and started snapping away. After a few adjustments of my camera and some test shots, I landed a perfect panning/rolling shot of this amazing Gallardo Spyder. 

Thanks for taking the time to enjoy the photos! Please stay tuned for much more, our goal here at Lamborghini Newport Beach is to keep our fans interested and entertained. We have a lot planned for 2012 so make sure you throw our blog or website as your home page. You can also join our newsletter if you go directly to and we will keep you updated via email every month. Thanks again for checking us out!


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