Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cars & Coffee 2-11-12 Photos!!!

Another fun weekend! We all arrived at the dealership around 6:15am, but unfortunately it was raining a little, so we weren't too sure how big of a turn out it would be. As we pulled in, plenty of spots were open, but as time went on and our customers Aventador showed up, more and more people started to pour in. By 8:30 am the lot was full on a rainy day! We had about 10-15 Lamborghinis join us from the Lamborghini Club Of America! Enjoy the photos...

More & more Lamborghinis started to pull in! Looked like a bag of skittles towards later in the AM.

Started to rain a little, not too bad though! Just enough where I could tuck my camera into my coat and not worry about it getting wet.

Two very unique and different cars!

Don't see this car every day...

Our customer had arrived with his newly purchased LP700, it definitely stole the entire crowd. The amount of people taking photos was great, we were more than happy to show everybody the car and the customer couldn't wipe his smile off of his face. 

Getting ready to head on out...

See ya!

Trying to keep up with the LP700, the wing looked SO menacing when it was activated... looks like a bat out of hell! 

One of our favorite drives up the Pacific Coast Highway...

Quick stop at Crystal Cove for some breakfast and coffee...

Another fun weekend at Cars & Coffee! See you all soon!


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