Monday, February 20, 2012

Cars & Coffee, February 18th.

As the fog became less dense, and the sun slowly started peaking up over the horizon we all had gathered at the dealership around 6:15AM. We started all the cars just to get the engines warm, and as the morning started more and more of our customers started pulling up in their personal cars. Around 6:25 we all headed out in a big pack and steamed towards Irvine! 

The sun started coming out and it was a very nice cruise down the freeway!

Nick decided to try and take over my job of taking photos, oh well! He can dream...

The Super Trofeo looked extremely insane going down the freeway in the early morning, the front LED daytime running lights just screamed pure evilness. 

The man himself giving a thumbs up!

We arrive! 

Plenty of spots to park in the back so we gathered the crew together and made it one big bullfest. One of our McLaren customers pulled up as well in his beautiful MP4. 

Some of the other cars, Photographers pick!

Very rare Rossian, especially in this color.


Another one of the Lamborghini Club Of America guys!

Classic Lamborghini!

We brought a Bianco Isis LP700!

At first, I thought this was an RWB, but it's still an awesome Porsche.

Super clean Porsche GT2RS

Two classic beauties both were white over white.

SLS Roadster.

Plenty of photographers and fans gathered around the Aventador.

The three best friends that anybody could ever have.

360 Challenge. 


The lineup of bulls!

Which one stands out the most?

And we all decided to head out and go grab some breakfast, 10 bulls deep!

As we slowly started to leave Cars & Coffee, we saw people literally running towards the entrance to see us all leave. We left in a pack, pulled over to wait for others and we all took off!

Thought it was a perfect chance to get a photo of all the cars lined up ready to go!

Other Bulls waiting to join us...

And we're off!!!

Keep up!

Enjoy these tracking shots!

The biker wanted to have a bit of fun, but public roads were no place to do so. 

40th Anniversary Murcielago!

Kimberly loving her Gallardo!

Felt like I was shooting an ad for a Top Gear shoot! This line up was crazy!!

Getting into Newport.

More of the special 40th anniversary Murcielago!

The best part of PCH.

Who's hungry?

After breakfast, the pack decided to head back towards the dealership with a quick pitstop at the McLaren showroom on PCH. Enjoy these next few rolling shots!

What a menacing car!!!

You definitely do not see this every day, the perfect traffic jam.


Let's go let's go let's go!!!

Mini VS SuperTrofeo.. who will win? The license plate on the Mini said " ITLNJOB "

We had to head back to get the dealership opened up, but the rest of the guys stopped by the McLaren showroom for a quick tour and peak. 

We hope you enjoyed the photos, between the gathering, photographing and editing we're extremely happy to finally have steady coverage of Cars & Coffee. We usually try and make it out every weekend, so just ask us on FaceBook and we can get back to you as soon as possible. You can like us at! We wanted to thank everybody for coming out and paying us a Visit at the dealership and to everybody who attended Cars & Coffee. Special thanks to Lamborghini Club of Orange County! If you'd like to see more photos in high resolution, please email

Stay tuned for more!

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