Monday, March 12, 2012

American Heart Association Event!

Last week we had attended the American Heart Association fundraiser and we decided to spice it up a bit and offer a Lamborghini for a weekend give away. We brought 5 of our cars to El Torro at the Top Gear U.S.A. hangar where they film the series "Top Gear America". Once the sun went down and the lights were sparkling off the Lamborghinis, the fund raising started to begin, at the end of the fund raiser they managed to rack in a total of almost $700,000 dollars!

Enjoy the photos!

One of the Lambos we brought, a nice Balboni Gallardo!

It was great seeing the cars in front of some new faces that had never experienced a Lamborghini up close, many people were extremely interested in sitting in the cars and actually getting a feel for them. 

Some amazing food at the venue. 

And the fund raising begins! 

Stories were told, many people listened and at the end of the night we all walked out with a smile on our face.

We had to bring a V12, so we brought out a nice yellow LP640 Coupe. This car definitely stole the show, so we had to park it outside. 

We wanted to thank everybody for coming out and congratulations to the winners of getting a Lamborghini for a weekend! Many more events to come this year, stay tuned!

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