Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lamborghini Club of America drive!

The Drive started out in two locations. The OC Group lead by Kimberly and the LA group. We both met up in the industrial area of Long Beach and headed in as a group of 55 Bulls to the Donald Trump International Golf Club! 

We're off in the early morning fog!

A thick fog running through the streets on Pacific Coast Highway as if it was a matador to a bull. Nothing like the smell of V10's and V12's in the early morning. 

Whoops! We made a wrong turn...

Bulls scattering

How many can you count? Talk about an awesome gathering! Looks like a bunch of skittles.

The SV, one of the most menacing Lamborghinis in the world joined us on the run! 

Two classics!

We will be featuring a fully edited video later on this week including full coverage of the event. Luxury4Play as one of our sponsors supplied us some awesome photographs as well, you can view the thread here!

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