Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lamborghini track day @ Fontana Speedway! Photos and Video!

After an extremely busy month, we slowly come to the end of May. It was a very busy month for us between selling cars and events. We had completed Targa Trophy Orange County along with a full 7:00am to 7:00pm track day at Fontana Speedway. We would like to take this time to thank everybody at Lamborghini and a thank you to all of our customers who took the time to come out and rip around the track in some of the most exotic and aggressive Lamborghinis on the market. 

When you own a Lamborghini, you have an extreme amount of power underneath your right foot, but when do you really get to open the car up legally and safely? Having the opportunity to take a 500+ horsepower car to it's limits allows the driver to have a new appreciation for their Lamborghini. This was the perfect chance for us to share that feeling of taking a corner as hard as you possibly can and not having to worry about buying new tires or hurting your car. Lamborghini provided 5 vehicles for us to race around the track at high speeds, please sit back and enjoy the 40+ photos and ten minute video of in car footage with a professional driver and MUCH more!

The Lamborghini Newport Beach team arrived around 7:00am ready to get the day started, with an overcast morning above us we weren't too sure if the sun would pop out or not. After setting up our equipment, saying hello to our fellow friends the sun peaked through the clouds and we had a perfect clear day ahead of us!

One of the vehicles that was on display was the street legal LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale, it's the closest that you can get to a race car and still be able to drive it on the streets. Definitely one of the most aggressive Lamborghini Gallardos on the market.

The all new Lamborghini Lp700-4 Aventador on display in Bianco Isis.

With the sun shining off the amazing and vibrant Lamborghinis, we were all ready to get our customers into the tent for the drivers meeting.

Bulls preparing for the rodeo.

Drivers meeting! The Lamborghini team made sure that all drivers understood how the track day works, assuring that nobody had any second thoughts or questions. Food and drinks were provided of course and the driver instructors did a great job at explaining the instructions making for a clean and safe track day.

As the group was in the meeting, the Lamborghinis were started so they would be warmed up and ready to pounce around the track.

Clear skies and a dry track, let's go!

Driving instructor, Rich explaining to a driver a little more in detail.

Customers anxiously waiting for their turn, already prepared with a heat head sock on.

Get in get in!

 With finger tips ready on the E-Gear transmission ready to blip and shift, a GoPro locked and loaded we were ready for take off.

Simon anxiously waiting for the thumbs up to go.

3, 2, 1....

The open straight where these Gallardos were easily capable of 120MPH+

Fontana Raceway is known for being a Nascar track, but the infield track can be used for all sorts of racing. Time trials, GoKarts and much more. The track was tight, but the straights allowed the drivers to really push the cars to triple digits with out jumping out of their comfort zone. Each corner was labeled with where to brake and where to open up the car along with the cones facing the proper way to drive.

Turn 2 was nice and sharp, definitely a corner where you can push the rear end out a bit.

High speed!!!!

Braking hard from 120MPH to about 30MPH at the end of the straight.

It's a scramble! The basic rule of the day was to let each driver follow the front car. (In this photo, being the white car, the driving instructor was always in front), after each lap, the car behind the instructor had to pull over, and allow three cars to pass. They did this FOUR times, allowing each driver to follow the instructor for more of a challenge. Each driver did a great job keeping up and we were definitely impressed by a few of our guest drivers. Not to mention Richard the instructor doing an amazing job driving the track all day with out any fatigue. 

Towards the middle of the day, we all heard an extremely loud car start up, it sounded like a devil was woken up from a nap. We all ran to the front of the tent and the Blancpain race car was getting prepped to do a few hot laps. I had to grab my GoPro camera and slap it on the side of it along with an inside view. You can see the footage in the video at the bottom of this article.

My estimate, on the straights this Gallardo race car probably hit around 130-140MPH.

Once the hot laps were done, I had jumped into a camera car, stuck a GoPro on the side and we did a rolling photoshoot of the Blancpain Gallardo and the Aventador.

I had been hanging out the window for an entire lap, but we only went about 20MPH. Around a few corners the car threw rocks up and it was a bit like playing a video game. Trying to get the perfect distance away from the car for the best shot, but manage to not get hit by the rocks on the track.

The Aventadors turn for it's 5 minutes of fame.

Happy campers, enjoying a nice day in the sun and some screaming V10's.

As the day came to an end, our customers couldn't help but smile and laugh from the power of these cars on the track. 

 We shall be back again! Our track event turned out to be a great success and we look forward to doing something along the same lines again the near future. 

Once again, we thank all of our customers and Lamborghini for coming out to Fontana and we look forward to seeing everybody again soon!

Video Footage from the day.

View in a bigger size here:

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