Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Lamborghini Drive! :: 90+ Photos! ::

This last Sunday morning, a gathering of menacing bulls gathered at our new dealership for the first Lamborghini drive starting at Lamborghini Newport Beach! The route consisted of vicious canyon driving and stunning Coast Highway views. The drive started around 10:00am, leading our way into Laguna Beach. Please follow our photos below and enjoy the drive through our photos! 

The first bulls arriving!

We had a unique variety of Lamborghinis show, everything from LP640 coupes to first generation Gallardos! So many different colors!

As the morning went on, more and more drivers started to show. Our parking lot was starting to look like we almost had all new inventory! 

Drivers meeting was at 9:45am where instructions and route maps were given out, everybody was so excited we all ran to our cars to start our engines and take off. 

Pietro, Lamborghini Newport Beach GM giving instructions. This is a rally, not a race! 

As anxious as can be, everybody slowly made their way out of the parking lot into the open roads. 

It's a scramble! 

Finally hitting the road! 

A stunning LP700 taking flight. 

Nothing but smiles.

Hitting the Coast Highway through Corona del Mar, so many heads were turning from the V10 and V10's screaming down the road. 

Our favorite view heading into Laguna Beach.

Keep up keep up!

After 25 minutes of driving, we all pulled over to regather the group of Lamborghinis. With 25+ cars pulled to the side of the road, we had numerous people stopping to take photographs. Not to mention we pretty much stopped all traffic heading into the canyons. 

After making our way through the twisties.. 

Second stop for photos and regathering! 

Time for lunch!

We thank every one of our drivers and customers for making it out to our drive, we will most definitely be hosting many more drives in the future. To stay tuned for more, you can subscribe to our newsletter by going to our website (www.lamboNB.com) and entering your email. 

90+ photos: Click below!


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