Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2013 Kick Off! (40+ Lamborghini Photoshoot) Behind the scenes.

With 2012 now behind us, this is the perfect chance for a fresh start into 2013. Lamborghini Newport Beach had a very successful year and we're ready to carry that momentum into the new year. Our goal is to keep an immense amount of Lamborghini inventory for our customers to have the chance to pick out specifically what they desire. We stock anywhere between 35-50 Lamborghini's at a time, this lets us show our customers a wide variety of models and options.

One of our goals from our photographer was to capture a photograph that didn't need any words, that only needed the naked eye to understand how powerful a picture can be with only using objects. Basing that idea around the photographs, we went ahead and organized a photoshoot with all the inventory we had in stock. Please, sit back and enjoy this article and feel free to share with your friends and family.

The morning started off with overcast skies, which was going to be perfect for the lighting I needed. We assembled our team to help with moving cars and getting the photographs. After 3 hours of directing cars into their spots, we finally were ready to start taking pictures and videos.

The cars were all aligned and ready to be photographed, it had rained the night before which left us with a wet parking lot. These are all the RAW photographs that we wanted to share, so try your best to not let the parking lot distract you.

It was hard capturing the building along with every single car we positioned outside in the parking lot, so we had to move the ladder around until we landed on the perfect spot for the shot we needed.

With our options open to play around with shooting at different elevations, we jumped on the ground to snap a few from a lower level.

For another angle, we ran over to the other side of the building and moved the ladder into position.

Murcielagos anybody?

Aventador peaking through. 

Our goal was just to capture one photograph that explained it all, but with the cars already positioned together, we couldn't help ourselves from taking as many pictures as possible. With roof access, we snapped a few pictures from above, which gave us an incredible, overwhelming photo of our inventory.

After the daring climb to the top of our building, we managed to pull off one of the biggest photoshoots we've ever done at the dealership. We'd have to say that we definitely met our goal, and managed to get some of the craziest pictures of Lamborghini inventory. 

After 7 months of being at our new location, we're happy to say that we are settled in. It was a very hectic year, but our entire team for sales & service pulled together as a family and made it an extremely successful year.

To perfect our final photograph we wanted to use for our new advertisements in 2013, we cleaned up one of our favorite photos and here it is!

As you can see, we removed the parking lot lines, the trailer in the back parking lot, the bank signage next door, and all the wet puddles covering the parking lot. This allowed the focus to be mainly on our vehicles instead of imperfections.

A few more behind the scenes photographs.

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If you haven't seen our video already, here is a recap of 2012 for Lamborghini Newport Beach featuring a few shots from this photo shoot! Enjoy. (Watch in 1080p HD)


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