Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 2013 Supercar Show at Lamborghini Newport Beach

Cars and Coffee Irvine has long been established as being the "Go-To" place for gear heads with open schedules on their Saturdays mornings.  Our "Supercar Show" is quickly becoming a crowd favorite for the devoted enthusiasts since the usual Cars and Coffee Irvine show starts to empty out around 8:45-9AM.  While we initially wanted to have this event every-other-month, we now will be having our Supercar Show on the first Saturday of every month.  This is to avoid confusing supercar owners and enthusiasts on which month or Saturday the Supercar Show will be taking place.
If super cars is what you're looking for on the first Saturday of every month in Orange County, you don't want to miss our Supercar Show.  While Lamborghini Newport Beach hosts the event, the event is open to any other super cars regardless of their country of origin.
Porsche, Bentley, McLaren, Lotus, American, and even Japanese-based supercars are always welcome to our Supercar Show.  Or any car that typically isn't seen on your average day for that matter.

From Lexus LFA's to Lotus Esprit's & Lamborghini Aventador's to Audi R8's, there's always a wide selection of poster-worthy cars occupying our lot during our Supercar Show.  And if you don't quite see your favorite on the lot, you'll likely hear your favorite V8, V10, or V12 howling in the distance as it's making its way to our lot.
With doors wide open, coffee's on hand, and snacks only a few finger tips away, our showroom allows enthusiasts and owners to get up close and personal with cars they only see on the internet, on posters, or very rarely on the open road.
With wide participation of owners that have an assortment of supercars, it's always great to see your personal favorite in the flesh.  Who knows, maybe you'll see your favorite at our next Supercar Show taking place July 6th.

For more pictures, please view our Flickr page by clicking HERE.

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