Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NEW 2013 Gallardo LP 560-2 6-Speed Manual. RWD + Stick + 560HP = Perfect Gallardo?

Lamborghini Newport Beach received this very special Gallardo from Italy only a few days ago.We just delivered our first Gallardo LP 560-2 6-Speed Manual. That's right, this is a 560 in Rear Wheel Drive format, with the 6 Speed Manual Transmission. This one was delivered with added Performante stripes and Carbon Fiber Side Skirts per the customer's request. The Superleggera wing and interior is how the vehicle was received from the factory.
The LP 560-2 features the same 5.2L V10 we've all come to love from the Gallardo LP line, but with the tuning vamped up to 560HP versus the 550HP the most Rear Wheel Drive Gallardo's receive. In the past, only the 560-4's received the increased horsepower 560HP with the added All Wheel Drive. But in this case, not only is the power bumped up to 560, the manual transmission offers a direct engagement of the road back to the driver.
The 6 Speed Manual is often rare sight in the Lamborghini world. While technically speaking, the paddle-shifted E-Gear shifts gears faster than any human could, the direct engagement is lost through the automation. The driving experience and feedback one gets from being directly connected to the vehicles drivetrain is hard to ignore.
The full Alcantara interior is directly borrowed from the Superleggera/Performante line, but with added Q-Citura stitching on both the doors and Carbon Fiber bucket seats.  The Red stitching also goes well with the matching brake calipers.  The Carbon Fiber trim, steering wheel, and bucket seats also match well with the Superleggera wing.
Although the 560-2 typically comes with Scorpius wheels, the customer preferred to have the Gloss Black mesh style Cordellia wheels to compliment the aggressive rear Superleggera wing and Performante stripes up front.
Recognizing this, Lamborghini has produced Gallardo to be what are some calling, a legend of the Gallardo bloodline.  With the new Gallardo-replacement on the horizon, the limited production 560-2 will not be forgotten.

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