Monday, July 8, 2013

Supercar Show July 2013 at Lamborghini Newport Beach

Here again at Lamborghini Newport Beach we hosted our Supercar Show which takes place the first Saturday of every month.  The weather during summer months are known to entice supercar owners to bring out their exotics during the weekend for some much needed leg-stretching.  This past Supercar Show was no exception, and proved to be a perfect excuse for owners to do so.
Here the usual Supercar Show attendees included various models from a wide variety of manufacturers including: Ferrari F430's, 360's, and a California, McLaren 12C's, Porsche GT3 and Carrera GT, Maserati Gran Turismo, a wide selection of Mercedes including an SLS, a few Rolls Royce's, Lamborghini Gallardo's, Aventador's and a Diablo, and even a very special Vincero Mansory Bugatti Veyron.
On display we had 3 Gallardo Super Trofeo's, the track-only downforce-focused stripped-down Gallardo's, to give the audience a goosebump-inducing revving match which summoned all the cameras and phones to record the V10 singing its song.  Next to it we had a Gallardo LP 550-2 revving a little to demonstrate the new Sport Exhaust for LP 550's and 560's from Lamborghini which provides a deeper rumble to the 5.2L V10 of the Gallardo.
Another attendant who got everyone's attention was a Costa Mesa police unit relaxing across the street ensuring other motorists and the general public were safe from the testosterone frenzy that is often accompanied with exotic vehicles.
Even though the sun stayed behind the gloomy clouds, the heat was definitely felt.  With lunch time soon hitting the stomachs of both owners and onlookers, the crowds slowly faded away leaving those behind with a sweet exhaust note of V8's, V10's, and V12's.  We'll see you at our next Supercar Show on Saturday August 3rd.

For more pictures, view our Flickr album: HERE.

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