Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lamborghini Newport Beach at Concorso Italiano

Friday mornings in Northern California usually start with thick and heavy mist that cease to exist at about 3:00pm in the afternoon.  However, Friday August 16th 2013 was not your average morning.  With faint V12's and V10's shrieking silently in the distance, the Lamborghini Newport Beach team set out to our tent positioned on the Concorso Italiano venue as the mist gave way to the howling super cars making their way through the twists and turns.
Morning dew had made the freshly manicured grass soft and vibrant.  With our cars mintly detailed the evening before, we had a few things to do before we pulled back the covers on our Gallardo's.  A few feet away from us, a large group of Murcielago's were just getting into position as the high-strung V12's made the grass shake and collapse as their large AWD footprint grazed the green.  Behind the Murcielago's were the Gallardo's settling into their formation as well.  Just beyond the Gallardo's were the ferocious Diablo's in line.  All with owners eager to get the dew off the fine Italian paint ready to show onlookers the bright colors Lamborghini is known for.
Finally, with the dew evaporating and mist backing off into the distant, we took off the covers to our display vehicles.  On display we had 3 Gallardo's, all of which, are currently available.  Front and center was our Metallic Blue Caelum Gallardo LP 550-2 Spyder, a 50th Anniversary-inspired Gallardo LP 550-2 proudly featuring a charging bull on both sides, and a Gallardo Super Trofeo with green and red accents.
A few feet away from the Diablo's were a small but passionate group of owners proudly displaying their Lamborghini Countach's.  And just behind the Countach's were a row of Miura's that all looked to be in excellent condition.
It seemed as if every car in the Lamborghini section was flawless in terms of condition based on the view of every owner making sure his or her Lamborghini was in show condition.  Wheels with dressing, paint with no dust, fine Italian leather emanating from the interiors, all very Lamborghini-like.
One row behind us near the center stage were some notable Lamborghini's.  A 40th Anniversary Murcielago, a nearly flawless 350GT, a very clean Espada, a superb Miura that showed extreme care through its years, a couple of Aventador Roadster's and even a 6.0 Diablo.
Passed the lawn of bright Lamborghini's was a sea of Red and Black with some Yellow sprinkled here and there.  It was the Ferrari lawn which featured vehicles of every model in every trim of every year in either Red, Black, or Yellow.  Silver and White were often the oddballs out, but they provided a chance for the onlookers retina's to not have long lasting color burn.  From California's to Testarossa's all the way up to a unicorn in the Ferrari-world, a Ferrari F50, each were in mint condition.
Circling back around was the De Tomaso group which showed strength and pride with their assortment of Pantera's.
Even the Fiat's were showing their Italian pride as Fiat had a large tent for it's customers.
Although not Italian-based, Steve Saleen and team were there to showcase a special track-focused S7 along with a nice Ford GT.
Next to the Saleen tent was this Lamborghini tractor in excellent condition.  With the owner assisting, he'd let people and even kids sit on top of the seed that started all that we've come to know as Lamborghini.
Finally making our way back to our tent where people began to mingle and talk about their journey to Monterey so far.
Every few hours, we'd fire up the Gallardo Super Trofeo which sung its song through a straight pipe exhaust.  Every time we did, it was a swarm with people pulling out their phones and cameras attempting the record the symphony without rupturing their eardrums.
And in case the noise wasn't catching the attention, our models were there too.  We'd say they had a busy day modeling with client's and taking pictures with our Lamborghini's.
No amount of models could've gotten the attention that the executives of Lamborghini received.  Followed by a short speech from the head guys at Lamborghini, our photographer managed to capture the moment that commemorated Automobili Lamborghini on their 100 Years of Innovation in half the time.
With the early afternoon heat rising, spectators, enthusiasts, show participants, and owners all began to slowly melt away as the night was only a few hours away.  With many events happening after dinner hours, it gave everyone a chance to relax, freshen up, and head out for a night in the town.  We here at Lamborghini Newport Beach would like to thank everyone for stopping by, hanging out, bringing out their prized Lamborghini's to make this special event one for the books.

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  1. Sebastian, when are the Lamborghini models and executives going to show up at the corporate store in Costa Mesa? I have some questions and comments for them. My guess is that sort of thing will be conveniently scheduled when I am out of town.....Eric