Monday, September 9, 2013

September 2013 Supercar Show at our dealership.

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It seems that time and time again, we are fortunate enough to have great weather every time we host our Supercar Show on the first Saturday every month.  This past Saturday was no exception.
The time is about 8:30 and we can already here the throttle-blipped downshifts coming closer and closer.  A large amount of Audi R8's, about 25+, decide to make an appearance with their V8 and V10's breaking the Saturday morning silence on approach.  Every color combination possible it seemed was present as they made way to the back where we had a special spot for the large group.
In addition to the rumbly V8's, the recognizable hollow-howls of a Ferrari V8 also were in attendance along with a V8 that had a lion-like roar, a pair of Ford GT' with their unmistakeable Supercharged V8's sound.
Standing out from the typical V8 sounds were some V8's that were force-fed by a pair of turbochargers,  the McLaren 12C's had arrived.
The monstrous V12's from Lamborghini also made their presence known, even at parking lot speeds.  A 6.0 Diablo, Murcielago LP 640, and a handful of a pair of Aventador's were definitely ear-pleasers to say the least.
As if the V12's didn't catch enough attention, a pair of V10's had a whistle that made everyone turn necks, a pair of Twin Turbo'd Lamborghini Gallardo's.  The 5.0 and 5.2L V10's in the Gallardo's sound great stock, but with the turbo's added, provide a shriek that warns others that these 2 Gallardo's are no joke.
The Ferrari's of the morning held their ground as well, with a 599, 575 M, California, and pair of 360's showing their prancing horse pride.
And the cars listed above were not all that were in attendance…
We have a factory Aventador Roadster parked on our ramp with Vorsteiner's Aventador next to it.  Vorsteiner featured a handful of McLaren 12C's that were equipped with their MP4-VX kit.
Newport Italian also brought an Aprilia and a Ducati to showcase their Italian-produced steel horses.
As usual, when the sun warms up the pavement, the engines start up.  And the exiting process for all attendees is always a special time to hear the V8's, V10's, and V12's breathe life yet again.  The back lot where the R8's resided was especially alive since 20+ R8's all started up nearly at the same time.

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