Thursday, October 3, 2013

The VIP 700 Club - September 2013

Extreme.  Uncompromising.  Italian. These words describe the aim Automobili Lamborghini set out when they began to build their latest V12 flagship model, the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4.  A 6.5L V12 producing 700HP is a serious threat to 99.99% of the cars out on the road.  It takes a special person to pull the purchasing trigger to Lamborghini's latest beast.  We here at Lamborghini Newport Beach wanted to show our appreciation to those that braved the purchase with us or have had their Aventador serviced with us.  We know and understand the trust a client of ours must have with us, and for that trust, we thank them whole-heartedly.  What better way to thank a group of clients than to invite them to a private dinner at the nations #1 resort, The Resort at Pelican Hill.
These Aventadors, while looking fast just standing still, love to be driven.  It's not about the looks, not the performance numbers, or even sound the V12 sings, but it's about the experience the Aventador provides when the looks, performance, and sound mesh together seemlessly.  Multiply that by 20 and you get one wild lineup of V12 monsters.  Thankfully, our parking lot can hold that many winged beasts as they began to fill it at around 5:00PM Saturday the 28th of September.
From a few hundred feet away, the 6.5L V12 can be heard as it rushes towards our lot.  At around 5:30PM, all in attendance are accounted for.
Just before we set sail on the open California highway, we snap a quick photos of everyone who has bravely set foot in Lamborghini's latest creation.  20 Aventadors in one parking lot producing together 14,000HP are all singing the same song as they sit, idling, ready to pounce at the sight of a clear road exiting our parking lot.
At last, 20 angry Aventadors are taking over the 405 freeway as we head south to a connecting freeway.  Even before the freeway on the streets, cameras, phones, whatever could take a pic… did.  Even our clients who own these had theirs out snapping away as the presence of 20 Lamborghini Aventadors awakes all 5 senses.
Despite our best efforts to keep the pack of 20 together, the strength of California traffic was a little much thanks to the stoplights and other cars on the road.  The V12's behind the drivers opening up on the freeway produced symphonic melodies that definitely helped keep the large group somewhat together.  The group tightened back up again once we hit the offramp and began heading into Laguna.  Once again, cameras and phones sprouted from every car window.
Pacific Coast Highway is notorious for being the road of choice for exotic owners to enjoy their prized vehicles.  The Saturday of September 28th was no exception as our large group of Lamborghini's woke up all the shops and passerby's with an army of V12's.  As we made our way up the coast, the sun was just on it's way down which provided a very cinematic look with the ocean off to our left.
It seemed that the drive up PCH was short-lived as we made our last right turn of the drive and headed up to the resort from PCH.  Aventador after Aventador after Aventador with almost all a different color than the one before.
At last, we arrive in full force flooding the valet turn-about with a sea of Lamborghinis.  The V12's get their chance to rest from the drive while the passengers absorb their chance to recover from the savage-shifts of Lamborghini's single-clutch drivetrain system.
As the valets situated the cars lining the area with Aventadors, everyone was quick to mingle and share their experiences so far.  A great time to debrief before the cars were all lined up ready for photos.
Our arrival time couldn't have been any more perfectly timed as we were greeted to this beautiful view overlooking the golf course and sun setting on the Pacific Ocean.  A quick moment to absorb the view and our guests made their way to our private location where cocktails and bistro-style gourmet appetizers we ready for our large group.
With the sun on its way down, we gathered inside for a nice dinner filled with laughs and stories that only few in the world have experienced.  As such, we intend to keep these experiences we have with our guests as lifelong friendships grow on the foundation of trust.  And for entrusting Lamborghini Newport Beach with their Aventador experience, we'd like to take a moment and thank all our guests for attending our VIP 700 Club event.  We truly appreciate everyone taking a Saturday evening out of their busy lives and joining us for a special celebration.  We hope to have more just like this.

To view the 200 photos from this event, please click HERE for our online photo album.

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