Monday, January 6, 2014

January 2014 Supercar Show

What other way to start off the fresh year of 2014 than to host a Supercar Show at our dealership.  Much like last year, we'll be hosting our Supercar Shows the very first Saturday of every month.  This past Saturday, January 4th, proved to be quite the Supercar Show.  As always, 8:45AM rolled around as cars already started showing up.  By 9:30AM, the parking lot was nearly full and by 10:00AM, we were at full capacity.
No matter your taste in exotic super cars, there was a supercar here that held a special spot in every onlooker's heart.  If you're a Lamborghini fanatic, Diablo, Aventador, Murcielago, Murcielago LP 670-4 SV and Gallardo of all years and colors were there.

From the Ferrari stable were plenty of 430 Scuderia, a 360 Modena, a 458 or two, and the heart-stopper of all Ferrari, the Enzo.  But make no mistake, the Enzo wasn't the only show-stopper.  A Koenigsegg CCX pulled the crowds to the sidewalk as it made its approach to our lot.  Although it was a bit tough navigating through the parking lot with the dense crowds, the elusive pegasus of a supercar rested in the corner of our lot content and poised.
As the Koenigsegg shut down, the howl of a V10 in the distance became clear.  The howl of a V10 produced by a Carrera GT also triggered everyone's ears as if onlookers had a spider-sense of another approaching special supercar.

On top of the already impressive line up of the CCX, Carrera GT, Enzo, and many Lamborghini and Ferrari super cars, two cars possessed a unique tone like no others.  The 1st was our friend and client Paul with his beast of a Murcielago, his Grigio Telesto Murcielago LP 670-4 SV.  The 2nd was a GMG Racing-prepped Porsche GT3RS Cup Car that had a full build completed at GMG Racing.  The brutal yet majestic sound of the flat 6 cylinder was unlike any Porsche GT3 we've heard.  On the flip side to the brutal-sounding GT3 was a proud showing of the highly refined and atrociously fast McLaren 12C.  A few 12C Coupes and a few 12C Spiders made an appearance to our show including a rare Neiman Marcus Edition 12C finished in an elegant Volcano Red paint.  Additional attendees included a Porsche Turbo, an Audi R8 wrapped in an eye-catching Matte-Blue Chrome by Protective Film Solutions, and a special Perana Z-One.
Enough about what showed up, let us just show you with our 170+ picture gallery what you missed if you were not able to make it.  If you did make it, we're sure the pictures will send you in a mental flashback so realistic you'd think you were inhaling exhaust fumes this second as you read this text.

Click HERE to view our online gallery.


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