Monday, February 3, 2014

February 2014 Supercar Show at Lamborghini Newport Beach

Across the nation, blizzards and freezing temperatures are the norm at the moment.  Luckily here in Southern California, we don't have to worry about that weather.  We are privileged to be able to drive our super cars year-round with the top down.  When others are prepping to have their supercars hibernate for the winter, we look forward to clear skies and open roads to stretch the lungs of our V10's and V12's.

The clear skies on Saturday February 1st were ideal conditions for our local supercar owners.  From 8:3AM all the way through 11:00AM, you could hear in the distance the various high-strung motors making their way to our dealership.  As always with our supercar shows, there were many high caliber supercars for every type of automotive-enthusiast lover.  Whether you be into the torque-monster Vipers, squealing Ferrari's, or buzzing Lamborghini's, there were many to choose from.  Below are just some examples of the various supercars in attendance.

View the entire gallery here: February 2014 Supercar Show

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  1. The weather comment hit below the belt. Especially this past Sunday in Denver, CO -Tan