Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Supercar Show @Lamborghini Newport Beach

A beautiful morning is typically the norm here in Southern California; March 2nd in Newport Beach was no exception as dozens of exotic car owners and enthusiasts were drawn to Lamborghini Newport Beach dealership for its 2nd Supercar Show. With drivers eagerly waiting to secure a spot in our parking lot, the medley of V8’s, V10’s, and V12’s was sure to wake up even those who already had a few cups of coffee before the 9AM opening.

It doesn’t take a Lamborghini-only enthusiast to find a work of art that fits a particular taste as an arrangement of models from various brands were proud to show their colors. The Ferrari and Maserati variety included 355’s, 360’s, 430’s, 458’s, 550’s, 575’s, a 599, a 612 Scaglietti, and a Gran Turismo. The Lamborghini bulls ranged from Countach’s, Diablo’s, Gallardo’s, Murcielago’s on up to the Aventador’s. An assortment of fine German cars also attended as a Carrera GT, handful of Porsche Turbo’s, and a few R8’s came out to play. ///M’s and AMG’s made their way to our dealership rounding out the German-based autos. As if that doesn’t sound like a variety, a good showing of McLaren MP4-12C’s and even a Bugatti Veyron had graced us with their show-stopping looks.

Thanks to WTW Corp who showcased their bright-yellow 458 next to their display, every attendant who brought an exotic had a chance to win a set of their fine wheels. Regardless if you brought an exotic out or just came to hang out, coffee and small breakfast items were on deck to help jump-start the attendees… although we think the cars alone did a fine job on that one.

As the temperatures warmed up, so did the appetite for stretching these exotic’s legs. It’s one thing to look at these works of art, but it’s entirely different to hear and feel them breathing. With lunch drawing near, the owners set out into the beautiful Southern California sun while onlookers absorbed the purrs of V8’s, V10’s, and V12’s exiting the parking lot.

Click here to view our gallery of the event.

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